Surveyor Network & Claim Handling

Surveyor Network

Connected Worldwide

Included with our Services and Insurance Concepts is the free access to the qualified independent cargo surveyor network. Said network operates worldwide and will make sure that wherever you ship to or wherever you receive cargo someone qualified will be there for you to evaluate the damages and mitigate occurring losses.
Additionally participating cargo exports are available for any kind of requests involving your shipments, doubts or even national legislations.

Claim Handling

The inconvenience shall not disturb

When it occurs it shall not be of any further inconvenience to you nor to your daily business. frutago focuses on efficient and transparent claim handling processes integrating the whole Network, working with the best specialist worldwide to ensure that your claims are handled rapidly and without hassles. Via web-based Applications all parties involved are enabled to access in real time, at each and every step, their claim folder.
From the moment a claim arises until the surveyor inspect the cargo and the claim was paid advanced software allows you to follow every single step in real time. Once your claim is accepted, you can even follow the recovery progress!