Legal Recovery

Our specialized Recovery Service saves you time and costs by maintaining your claim ratio and insurance costs at a reasonably low level


Insurance relevant events ocurre no matter how much we focus on loss prevention nowadays. Even the professional shipping companies come across their limits and as consequence cause damage to the transported goods.
Fully loaded instead of duly performed.
A calculated risk which needs to be hazarded to compensate the historically low freight rates. Therefore also Insurers have to do the math in order to maintain the claim ratio at a low level. For some it is the policy while for others it is their own business they expose to that risk. Especially young ex- and import companies as well as uninsured cargo owner require a safety net and double bottom.

Judicial and Extrajudicial Representation

Let Frutago be your safety net, your double bottom and take advantage of its network of specialized legal recovery agents to recover you loss immediately.

Frutago and its Network represent you judicially and extrajudicially! Nevertheless undertaking legal actions and filing law suit always is the last option. The majority of all cases are handled and settled via extrajudicial negotiation between the involved parties on a no cure – no pay basis. In other words, if the recovery is unsuccessful, there is no cost to the client.

Do not hesitate and ask us about our negotiation strategies, representatives world wide and our relation to the carriers!

Fields & Areas

Most International Maritime Conventions and National Legislations establish time bars and prescriptions which usually are playing against cargo owner interests. So get advice and get protected right away. We secure your rights, negotiate your claims and recover your loss in the fields of
| marine | inland | rail | airfreight |

Network & More

In close cooperation with our Partners we can assure the best recovery options in different jurisdictions – even before losses ocurre! Get in touch and benefit from our legal advisory and loss prevention in order to avoid the unnecessary early enough.