Insurance Solutions

Due to the close cooperation with all its partners Frutago is able to offer individual insurance solutions customized for your needs.

Configure your policy with us and pay only for the risks you and your business are exposed to and thus need to be covered.

Transport Insurance

In close collaboration with its clients frutago creates and adapts Individual Insurance Concepts for goods of any kind being transported by any means of transportation.

Perishable Goods, Dry Cargo, Special Cargo, Heavy Cargo and more!

Hull Insurance

In cooperation with specialized Underwriting Agencies frutago developed a series of hull insurance concepts enabling for the best coverage and a personalized handling.

Container Hull, Marine Hull, Motor Hull and more!

Liability & Special Insurance

Besides rather traditional insurance concepts frutago invites you and your business to take a step ahead into a new era, innovation and new risks to be covered.

Liability Insurance, Solar Insurance, Cyber Insurance Concepts and more!