We are frutago.

It is our mission to contribute sustainable and effective Solutions to the export and import industries as well as to the insurance business. All our Services seek to individually mitigate risks, decrease claim ratios and costs by achieving higher results, while enabling for significant time savings for our clients by an efficient cooperation and constructive division of tasks.

Who we are.

We are a Team of young specialistst in complementary services. We are widely positioned and believe that it is the only way to provide a fundamental benefit to our clients. We trust that a close and steady co-operation with our clients is the key for our transparent and successful work and to maximize your benefit – as service provider we established an effective way to involve the client into our processes in order to commit ourselves to its expectations and wishes. Nevertheless our work is subject to honesty and directness. On this basis chances and all eventualities will be communicated after a wide analysis of the given circumstances. We believe that the better informed our clients are, the more effective they can react and plan their next steps. Our work is marked by transparency and a steady communication with our clients. We perform for you in the same way you would perform for yourself – rely on us!


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How we work.


We do not like the unexpected - neither does your business. All our projects start in the same way. As well as natural persons also legal entities are unique and everything but identical. Consequently as a first approach we focus on your business, your needs and expectations and the risks you are exposed to. Together with our clients we implement a detailed analysis in order to optimize the process and find the perfect solution.


Once an adequate approach is found and risks/needs are defined frutago looks for the best specialized partner in order to establish a personalized concept and starts providing the respective services. Services which will be provided not only according to your expectations and needs but also considering your location and destinations you operate at.


Every Project is seen as a development, a balanced relationship seeking a long term goal. Every halt is risky wherefore we always keep moving - which makes us your trusted Partner!